Serbia’s Dveri movement asks Orban to withdraw Hungary’s recognition of Kosovo

NEWS 10.07.202114:28 0 komentara
Viktor Orban
Tanjug / Dragan Kujundžić

The opposition movement Dveri called on the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for his country to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo's independence, arguing that this would show that he is a "sincere friend of Serbia".

In a letter to Orban, Dveri assessed that the withdrawal of recognition for the citizens of Serbia is a „much more important act“ than Budapest’s lobbying for Serbia’s membership in the EU.

„In order for relations between Serbia and Hungary to really be on the highest level of mutual respect and friendship, as provided for in the Agreement on Eternal Friendship and Peace of 1940, please withdraw the recognition of the false state of Kosovo because it would show recognition of integrity and sovereignty of our country,“ the letter said.