Serbia’s fmr president calls for ad-hoc coalition against Constitutional changes

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Boris Tadic, Serbia's former President and the leader of the Social Democratic Party, called on the opposition to form an ad-hoc coalition for the January 16 referendum on Constitutional changes, and tell people to vote 'no' to what he said was Government's additional attempt to influence the judiciary.

Tadic said the ‘no’ answer would be a „potentially new blow to (President Aleksandar) Vucic’s regime“ after the environmentalist protests over the last three weekends.

He thus joined many opposition activists and legal experts who said the changes meant that „11 powerful people (from the Government), instead of 250 deputies chosen by the people, will elect the judges.“

„And then those judges will rule on behalf of the people,“ Toma Fila, a lawyer and Vucic’s coalition Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) MP, told the Parliament.

Tadic said people should be explained what the changes meant more Government’s control.

„Nobody knows what they are voting for because Vucic blurred the issue with the referendum question,“ Tadic said.

The question reads: „Are you in favour of the act on changing the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia?“ The offered answers are ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

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„Reforms in the field of the judiciary are very dangerous. It is important to explain to the citizens that additional Government’s influence would be enabled, including some room for and that corruption,“ Tadic told Nova S TV.

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