Serbia’s football team coach: Street in Belgrade could be named after Ivica Osim

NEWS 14.05.2022 17:52

The manager of the Serbia's national football team, Dragan Stojkovic, said that a street in Belgrade could be named after the late Bosnian football legend, Ivica Osim, who was laid to rest in Sarajevo on Saturday.

Osim passed away on May 1 in Graz, Austria, at the age of 81.

Stojkovic attended a commemoration ceremony for the former football player and coach.

„Before my trip to Sarajevo, I had a conversation with the top officials from the City of Belgrade and it is almost certain that one of the streets in our capital will be named after the legendary Ivica Osim,“ said Stojkovic, according to the Football Association of Serbia.

„He absolutely deserved it and I am very glad that Belgrade and Serbia will adequately pay tribute to a wonderful man and a fantastic football expert,” he said, noting that three years must pass since the death of a person before a procedure to name a street after them can be initiated.


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