Serbia’s Min: 30,000 people without electricity, 800 substations out of order

Selo Radan, sneg, zavejano, struja, žice

Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbia's Minister of Mining and Energy, said that 30,000 users throughout Serbia still did not have power and 800 substations were out of order on Tuesday after heavy snow hit the country on Sunday.

On Monday, she said that 36,000 people were hit by an outage and 2,000 substations needed repair, adding „things are improving“.

Mihajlovic partially blamed a natural disaster for the situation but said: „There are other causes and factors.“

„There were various comments on whether we should talk about it now. But I believe we should first deal with this serious crisis,“ and then with someone’s responsibility.

Speaking ahead of the World in 2022 conference, Mihajlovic warned that the energy crisis existed in Europe, the World, and our country.



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