Serbia’s Ministry: No one has right to interfere with journalists’ work


Following two incidents outside the Chinese Linglong tire factory construction site in northern Serbia when the company’s security tried to prevent foreign and local TVs crews to film an activist’s statement, Ministry of Culture and Information said on Tuesday that no one had the right to interfere with journalists’ work.

The Ministry’s statement did not explicitly refer to those two incidents but said the “journalists should not be disturbed while doing their job, and that their safety and professional integrity should not be endangered at any time.

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The statement added that those claiming the reports were untrue, incomplete or wrongly interpreted should use legal means such as the right to reply or deny, instead of “debating about the issue with the journalists via text messages full of untruths and insinuations.”

The Ministry also said that the journalists should be responsible and respect the law and Serbia’s Journalists’ Code.

Various foreign and domestic political and media organisations have been warning Belgrade about the lack of freedom of expression and media.