Serbia’s municipality to annul Spatial plan for Rio Tinto; Activists: Not enough

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Following President Aleksandar Vucic’s announcement, the Assembly of Serbia’s western town of Loznica is set to hold an urgent session on Thursday to annul the Spatial Plan enabling Rio Tinto's ‘Jadar’ project which envisaged the construction of a lithium mine in that area, but the environmentalists said that was not enough to get rid of Rio Tinto completely.

In the first reaction to Loznica’s town hall news, Nebojsa Petkovic from ‘Ne damo Jadar’ (We Don’t Give Jadar) association told N1 that “we are aware that’s a part of the election campaign.”

“We are ready. We expect that if they (the ruling Serbian Progressive Party’s coalition led by Vucic) win the elections, they will try to push those decisions again and favour the company. That is only their tactical withdrawal which they present as their concession to the people,” he said.

After Petkovic, one of the founders of the Ecological Uprising movement, Aleksandar Jovanovic, said that the withdrawal of the Spatial Plan was not the final solution and added the protest would continue until the Rio Tinto project was formally and legally completed.

In the meantime, the local Ozonpress website from the central town of Cacak reported that the students who protested over the Rio Tinto lithium mining on Tuesday told the website plainclothes police officers filmed them and asked them for their documents.

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Interior Ministry said later on Wednesday it would not persecute journalists reporting from, as it said illegal rallies across Serbia over the last three weekends.

Earlier in the day, a group of the European Parliament (EP) parties submitted the joint motion for the resolution on on forced labour and environmental protests in Serbia.