Serbia’s PM: Nobody connected to Belivuk will be protected from the law

NEWS 31.07.202112:06
Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Commenting on the case against Veljko Belivuk, Serbia’s Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, said that she expects the institutions to do their job and that nobody who may have been involved with the organised crime group will be protected from the law.

„Any function or membership card will not protect anyone,“ Brnabic told reporters at the Second Municipal Court.

She commented on the ongoing inter-party dialogue in the country, criticising opposition representatives and some media she argued are owned or influenced by opposition figures, for speculating that Belivuk may have been connected to the governing party.

“I think that, at the point when you reach that idealessness and feel that you are helpless in the political sense and your source of information becomes Belivuk or Marko Miljkovic, it is high time that you leave politics,” she said.

„Citizens, I’m sure, see what it’s all about,” she said, adding that the opposition’s popularity continues to decrease while trust in President Aleksandar Vucic is increasing, “because the people recognize what a lie is and what the results are.”

She also said that Vucic endangered himself, his family and any close associates when he announced a battle against organized crime in the country.

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