Serbia’s PM: Telekom-Telenor ‘conflict’ has nothing to do with media freedom

Ana Brnabić
Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

Ana Brnabic, Serbia's Prime Minister, said on Thursday that the 'conflict' between the state-owned Telkom Serbia and PPF Group's Telenor "has absolutely nothing to do with media freedom."

She added the deal was about the telecommunication market competition.

Brnabic said that „as Prime Minister, I don’t interfere in the market competition,“ but added she had a problem „when one company slows down Serbia’s European integration to preserve its market position.“

She said Telenor sent her a letter, complaining about being „jeopardised by the attack from the competition which uses its media to achieve or save its market position.“

Brnabic added she did not write back to them, but would explain to Brussels and the European representatives that it was the case of market competition.

The Prime Minister commented on the deal between Telekom Serbia and Telenor after President Aleksandar Vucic said earlier on Thursday the two companies should resolve the dispute in courts, and that „everybody has their market game and should fight for themselves in a competitive system.“