Serbia’s police to intensify control driving under influence from June 16 to 22

NEWS 15.06.2021 10:49
Source: N1 info

Serbia's Interior Ministry (MUP) said on Tuesday it would enhance the control of drivers across the country for driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs from June 16 to 22.

At the same time, similar enforced control will be carried out in 30 European countries members of the ROADPOL, traffic police network in Europe, MUP’s statement says.

MUP added that on Saturday, for the first time, an action titled ‘Alcohol and Drugs Marathon’ will be realised within 24 hours.

The officers will use all available devices to discover alcohol and drugs because driving under the influence is one of the most significant problems, together with speeding, in traffic safety in most European countries, including Serbia.

Driving under the influence is on the rise across Europe, while in Serbia, the number of sanctioned drivers has been almost three times higher early this than in the same period last year.

„Since the beginning of 2021, police officers found some 18,000 drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and 700 under drug influence,“ MUP statement said.