Serbia’s Telekom purchases Surcin cable operator without tender

NEWS 03.06.202315:54 0 komentara

The cable distribution company "Surcin", which was owned by the Surcin municipality in Belgrade, was bought by the state-owned Telekom without a tender or an auction. According to the portal, Telekom paid EUR 550 per user without VAT, and that contract is marked as a trade secret. Pročitaj više

The Surcin cable operator had about 2,000 users before it was bought by Telekom. After the acquisition, part of the users did not want to stay with the new cable operator. According to, 800 chose to opt out of the service.

According to information obtained by, this takeover with the remaining 1,200 users cost Telekom 660,000 euros without VAT.

In the contract, Telekom took over the obligation to offer employment to all those workers who were previously employed in Cable Distribution Surcin, under the same conditions as they had with their old employer.

Telekom was interested in the purchase for a long time, and it all started with the Letter of Intent, in June of last year. As it was written, Telekom’s goal was the acquisition, that is, the merger of two companies into one business unit, which eventually happened.

At that time, Telekom was ready to pay around one million euros for 2,000 users.