Serbia’s Vucic condemns Saturday mass protests, pledges to step down as SNS boss

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Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Speaking at the gathering to mark 13 years of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, condemned the mass protests that took place on Saturday over the newly adopted laws on referendum and expropriation of property, saying his party “showed what a decent Serbia looks like, while some others just wanted to harm others.” Pročitaj više

“Thank you, because when some threatened you with roadblocks, to do something that no one had done for decades, to restrict someone’s movement and freedom, they did not know that you are the most stubborn when you are defending your freedom and that is why you all came here, despite those who did not want you to be here,” he told those who attended the event.

Vucic later said that “ten years as the party’s leader is quite enough, and it’s time for young people,” explaining his move to step down as SNS president.”

Journalists and analysts are sceptical about Vucic’s promise since it was not the first time he gave similar pledges and then went back on his words.

He promised to step down as the party leader three times before – in 2017, 2019 and last year.


He said that some people asked him to let them “confront those who blocked (traffic).”


“We are too small as a country to have a right to conflicts. Let others provoke conflicts, we will unite the people and all those who are decent and normal. That is the only future of this party and our country. And thank you for representing a decent Serbia,” Vucic said.

Numerous incidents took place on Saturday across Serbia during the mass protests and police detained many environmental protesters.

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