Serbia’s Vulin to BiH Turkovic: Talk to me, not Vucic

MUP Srbije

In a tit-for-tat exchange between Belgrade and Sarajevo, Serbia's Interior Minister told on Monday the Bosnian chief of diplomacy Bisera Turkovic she should address him, not President Aleksandar Vucic, after her comment about Vulin's idea of a "Serb world."

„My ideas and my statements are mine. Aleksandar Vucic and I do not always have the same opinion on every question, and if you have a question about my views, send it to me, you will get a loud answer that you can understand,“ Vulin told Turkovic.

He added that if she wanted to speak to Vucic, she „will still have to find his words and try to dispute them, but before that, first answer us who tried to kill Aleksandar Vucic in Srebrenica and why there are no names of perpetrators and perpetrators.“

Turkovic said earlier on Monday she expected Vucic to „immediately distance himself“ from Vulin’s statements about the „Serb world.“

„You forgot, Ms Turkovic, to say that I said the Serbs would unite peacefully, without a single bullet, when the conditions for that are met. If the Germans could, why couldn’t the Serbs, or are you also against a united Germany?“ Vulin added.

He also called on Turkovic to condemn the position of the main Bosniak SDA party on the abolition of the Republika Srpska.

„I am glad that you have decided to defend Dayton, which certainly means that you are in favour of restoring all the Dayton powers of RS… If you do not immediately condemn the position of the SDA that RS should be abolished and that Serbs are „genocidal, I will consider that you support such attacks on Dayton, RS and the Serbs. Suppose you do not immediately distance yourself from (Bosniak Member of the Bosnian tripartite Presidency) Sefik Dzaferovic words that so-called Kosovo is independent. In that case, I will consider that you support the dismemberment of Serbia and that you want to secede a part of my country. I believe that you understood, and I am sure that you will condemn all attempts to abolish RS and dismember Serbia, or maybe you will not?“ Vulin said.