Serbia’s unions seek global alert about Vietnamese workers in Chinese plant

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Serbia's United Trade Unions' Sloga' asked on Thursday the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) to alert the global public, inform the unions, particularly in Vietnam, condemn appalling labour and living conditions in the Chinese Linglong tire factory for the workers from this Southeast Asian country were and to engage in helping them. Pročitaj više

As a WFTU member, ‘Sloga’ asked for urgent aid, saying, „the workers are at the edge of existence, inhumanly accommodated, visibly shaken, their passports taken away and thus prevented to move and go back home.“


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Sloga’ recalled that private security, „with Serbia’s state tacit permission banned the workers to communicate with people, journalists, unions’ activists and NGOs who all want to help them by learning the truth about their coming to the country and the status they received.“

The Union also warned that when there were speculations about the moving of the workers from the barracks, there could not be secrecy around it, especially since there was a serious indication that they were victims of human trafficking, which involved the state and its top leadership.

„The lack of the state reaction fuels our suspicions that this is a state project,“ ‘Sloga’s statement said.

It called on all relevant state institutions to urgently talk to the Vietnamese workers in the Chinese Linglong factory in the northern town of Zrenjanin about their contracts and status.

‘Sloga’ warned all those who prevented journalists and civil activists from talking to workers from Vietnam and China that they would have to answer at some point for illegal deprivation of liberty and forcible detention of people in facilities that looked more like prisons and labour camps.

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