Seventy NGOs ask Serbia’s Govt to remove war criminal mural in central Belgrade


Seventy NGOs and individuals sent on Friday an open letter to Serbia's Government demanding it to order Belgrade's authorities to "take action to remove the mural of Ratko Mladic" war criminal convicted, among other crimes, of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

Another request is for the Interior Ministry (MUP) to end the practice of banning public gatherings due to alleged unwillingness (or inability) to control counter-rallies, the open letter said.

It is also requested that MUP stop charging activists who use their Constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of expression and gathering and review the behaviour of plainclothes police officers during the arrest of activists who threw eggs on the mural last Wednesday.

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The last request is for the Government to react to the threats that activists supporting the mural removal have received, including threats at the rally. The police officers have not responded.

The NGOs warned the ban on the rally was against the European Court of Human Rights practice.