SNS convincingly wins in two Serbia’s towns; Opposition claims foul play

negotin izbori
Tanjug/Zoran Mirković

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), led by the head of state Aleksandar Vucic, said it convincingly won local elections in a western and an eastern town on Sunday.

The party said it won over 70 percent of the votes in both Mionica and Negotin. In the latter, the SNS said it took 75 percent, while the opposition People’s Party, which secured 12.7 percent, said it suspected the authorities of annulling at least five percent of the regular ballots with votes for it.

It added that its members of the election boards were taken into custody during the voting without any grounds “to enable the election theft.”

 Jeremic, told N1 on Friday the local election in Negotin showed that the opposition should be ready to defend a result it achieved physically.

“Without readiness to confront physically, there is no result,” he said.
Jeremic added he was not “calling for violence” but civil resistance at the polling station.

In another event, an N1 crew was the first denied accreditation for covering the election but later was issued it.

Also, the Vlach minority party was denied participation for „collecting invalid signatories.“ The party said the SNS asked them to run on its list, but not as the minority organisation that it refused.

It is reported that independent observes were also banned from monitoring the voting.

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The People’s Party said the Negotin’s local vote was a test and that it proved that fair elections in Serbia were impossible and announced charges.

It’s leader Vuk Jeremic pledged for one opposition list in the presidential, Belgrade and early general vote in April 2022.

The main opposition parties in Serbia warned the agreement in which the inter-party dialogue on election conditions facilitated by the European Parliament (EP) ended was not enough to secure fair voting. ,

On the other hand, SNS accused the People’s Party members of intimidating people and disturbing voting.

In Mionica, in the west, the turnout was 70 percent, out of which the SNS and Pensioners’ Party won 71.44 percent of the votes.