SNS official: Kosovo does not meet Council of Europe membership requirements

NEWS 13.04.202413:51 0 komentara

An official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Vladimir Orlic, said that Kosovo will be admitted to the Council of Europe because that is what the big powers, as mentors of Kosovo's independence, want.

Speaking in a guest appearance on TV Happy, he said that it has nothing to do with any agreement because Pristina does not respect the agreements, nor the criteria set for it.

„They had three criteria, to establish the Association of Serbian Municipalities, to stop the illegal expropriation in the north of Kosovo, and only under the third criteria was the return of property to the Decani monastery,“ Orlic stated.

He pointed out that Pristina fulfilled only the third criterion, but that was enough for “their mentors” to initiate the procedure for admission to the Council of Europe.

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