SOS phone number for journalists in Serbia

NEWS 01.03.2021 17:51
Source: N1

Free SOS phone number 0800 100 115 for journalists in Serbia who believe their safety is jeopardised is operational as of Monday, the Government media office has said.

The service is launched as part of the Working Group for Safety and Protection of Journalists’ activities. The calls will be taken by lawyers experienced in cases of attacks on media people.

„This is the first step in protecting journalists and will make it easier for them to report threats and attacks. It will also inform and educate journalists about how to exercise their rights,“ Veran Matic, a member of the Group, said.

The state-owned Telekom Serbia donated technical support and equipment and provided coordination with all other operators for the free service available 24/7.

Journalists who seek help will be informed about the contacts in the police and prosecutor’s office in charge of the region where the journalists work or where the threat or attack happen.

If a threat or attack are not prosecuted ex offcio, the journalists will be advised about how to file charges and the professional media organisations’ support.