SPC facilities in Kosovo need ‘urgent protection,’ abbot says

Sava Janjić
Izvor: N1

The abbot of the Serbian Orthodox (SPC) Visoki Decani monastery in Kosovo, Sava Janjic, warned on Monday that the SPC facilities there needed "urgent protection".

He published Kosovo police February 4 report about four local Albanians being caught in stealing archeological remains from St. Peter of Corinth’s hermitage near Prizren, in western Kosovo.

Janjic added they were held in 48-hour custody, but that one of them escaped while being transported to the detention unit.
„Our Church’s premises situated outside Serb majority areas have been exposed to vandalism and theft for years,“ Janjic wrote on a social network.

He recalled that thieves had already targeted that largest Medieval hermitage, where frescoes could still be seen despite desecration, as Janjic said.