Speakers address Serbia Against Violence protest


The sixth Serbia Against Violence protest was addressed by several speakers, including actors, teachers, students and professors.

Famous Serbian actress Seka Sablic said the Serbian Parliament was a textbook example of violence in Serbia.

“I come here with you because we are all against violence. Violence is when there is no justice, when the wheels of justice barely turn, that is violence. When land, water, air are seized, that is violence,” said Sablic.

Faculty of Philosophy student Vanja Djuric said “Serbia has awakened from a deep, cold winter and I will not be silent any longer. Serbia, our beautiful country, cannot and will not be calmed until our demands are met.”

Actor Milan Maric said he wants to leave his child a Serbia that his generation did not have.

„My generation grew up in wars, inflation, crime. We grew up watching our parents confused, scared, in queues, humiliated… I don’t want to be confused and scared before my child. I want to be happy for my child, not bow my head,” said Maric, adding: “Long live love, long live freedom.”

“For a whole decade, Serbia has been a country without political accountability. Instead, the highest virtue in our society is a submissive attitude towards the government,” said professor of the Belgrade University Faculty of Law Miodrag Jovanovic.

“For this reason the response to the dreadful tragedies that befell Serbia this spring boiled down to the attempts of those in power to avoid political accountability,” he added.

Serbian Language teacher Marina Vidojevic said that the school system no longer exists and that teachers are “invisible.”

“A month ago, our society realized that the school as a system cannot protect either the students or the teachers. Today we know that the reason for this is that schools are not important to the decision-makers. And not just schools, but also education workers, we are unimportant, irrelevant and ungrateful. And the truth is – we are invisible,” said Vidojevic.