Spin techniques gave no answer: Radicalisation of protests in Serbia announced

NEWS 10.06.202314:16 0 komentara
N1/Sara Sekulić

Elections are the most suitable option for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the moment, experts discussing the latest round of protest 'Serbia against Violence' agreed, adding that if the protest becomes radicalised, “it will be exclusively his responsibility.” Pročitaj više

Psychologist Zarko Korac said that this could be expected, if demands are constantly being made and the other side responds in no way.

“It is a logical, but the most dangerous course, because it leads to a clash of a different kind. The demands are not impossible, they are achievable. The fact that Vucic is keeping his people…he is the one who wants radicalisation. Everything that leads to that will be his own responsibility. Because of some of his statements, I don’t know if he really sees what is happening on the streets. But I don’t know what good this radicalisation of the protest can bring him, the repressive apparatus cannot work,” said the psychologist in a special N1 show dedicated to the sixth round of protest.

Professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences Slavisa Orlovic assessed that the media of today is an “instrument of power and manipulation.” However, he added, those “spin techniques” as a reaction to the protests did not provide an adequate response. He also said that some behavioral moves increasingly brought people to the streets.

“Today, the media are instruments of power, manipulation, production of consent, shaping of taste, spin, however, it seems to me that in the reaction of these protests, these spin techniques did not give an adequate response, and that some behavioral moves increasingly led people out. There is no election without opening the media for a different opinion, without controlling the election process,” he emphasised.

Orlovic assessed that we live in a country where the prime minister addresses the president as “boss” and that we have this relationship where everything boils down to one loyalty and “everyone turns into bots who compete to be the biggest sycophant to the boss.”

“The citizens’ requests did not include (prime minister) Ana Brnabic’s resignation or elections, so don’t offer something they don’t ask for. This means that we have no dialogue and that we continue to live in a monologist civilisation. This does not lead to a solution, but only to an aggravation of the situation,” explained the professor.

According to Tamara Tripic from the Network for Democratic Dialogue, elections are something that Vucic “can do the easiest.”

“The opposition needs to be wise enough and persevere in these demands, and what I am appealing to is that everyone from the opposition participating in the elections be the guardians of the box,” emphasized Tripic.