SSP leader: Russia’s ambassador interfering with Serbia’s internal affairs


Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Vice President Borko Stefanovic said that the statement of the Russian ambassador to Serbia Bocan-Harcenko represents interference in the internal affairs of the country. Pročitaj više

„Ambassador Harcenko surely knows that it is neither correct nor diplomatically allowed to comment on the processes of change in our country, and that it depends exclusively on the citizens of Serbia, and not on any foreign official,“ Stefanovic said, according to the party.

Stefanovic called Ambassador Harcenko’s assertion that mass gatherings against violence and division in Serbia were organized from outside and that they are connected to the attacks on Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija “offensive and false.”

„Ambassador Harcenko has already shown many times that he does not understand that Serbia is a sovereign state whose citizens do not want conspiracy theories and lies like those from the 90s,” he stressed.

„Ambassador Harcenko can dream that Serbia is a Russian governorate, but that dream is not shared by the citizens of Serbia”, he said, arguing that Harcenko insulted the citizens of Serbia, “who in their grief expect an end to violence and division and who are not anyone’s puppet.”

On Saturday, Harcenko said that the coinciding escalation of the situation in Kosovo and the protests in Belgrade represents „obvious pressure“ on the Serbian leadership and that „the goal of the West is to change Serbia’s policy“.