St. Sava Proclamation: Reject the Franco-German plan entirely, without delay


The St. Sava Proclamation for the salvation of Kosovo was presented on Monday, urging the relevant state bodies to reject the so-called Franco-German plan “in its entirety and without delay.”

The signatories, including more than 200 intellectuals, public figures and politicians, assessed that the purpose of “the ultimatum by the West is for us to renounce Kosovo forever.”

They said it was essential for the survival of Serbia for the authorities to reject the offered document, adding that the citizens can support the Proclamation online starting Monday.

“The Proclamation no longer serves to defend Kosovo and Metohija, but to save it. The essence of the plan is that Serbia should recognize the so-called Kosovo. President Aleksandar Vucic, only verbally for the time being, has committed himself to accepting the document by which Serbia recognizes the so-called Kosovo,” said Caslav Koprivica, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences and a representative of the Movement for the Defense of Kosovo and Metohija.

“Our idea is for over 80 percent of citizens to say ‘no’ to what Vucic is planning to do,” Koprivica told a media conference in Belgrade.

The signatories also include academicians Danilo Basta, Kosta Cavocski and Matija Beckovic, theater director Nikola Pejakovic, actor Viktor Savic, Dveri movement leader Bosko Obradovic, New Democratic Party of Serbia leader Milos Jovanovic, Oathkeepers leader Milica Djurdjevic Stamenkovski, and the leader of the Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia, Vojislav Mihailovic.