Standoff continues: Two more armed attackers in northern Kosovo killed

NEWS 24.09.202317:19 0 komentara
kosovo napadači banjska
Kosovo Government/Handout via REUTERS

Two more persons who clashed with Kosovo police at Banjska village were killed and one of the uniformed heavily armed attackers was arrested, Kosovo police said. Pročitaj više

The ongoing standoff in northern Kosovo began in the night between Saturday and Sunday, when “heavily armed attackers” with what seem to be military uniforms killed a police officer and injured another one.

According to Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, at least 30 „heavily armed professionals“ were involved in an attack which he was „financed and orchestrated“ by Serbia. However, he admitted that it is still unclear who the attackers are.

At the press conference, he showed footage of persons armed with heavy weapons in six vehicles without licence plates and one armoured vehicle, wearing camouflage uniforms, around and inside the Banjska monastery.

Meanwhile, KFOR said it is closely monitoring the situation in Banjska, and that troops are present in the area and ready to react if necessary, while numerous international officials reacted on social media.

According to RTK, the ambassadors of the USA, Great Britain, France and Italy arrived at the government building to meet with Kurti over the incident.

Earlier, Kosovo police confirmed that one of the attackers was killed.

„The situation in the north of Kosovo, more precisely in the area of the village of Banjska, is still tense, criminal groups from time to time attack police units in the field,” police said.