Stefanovic denies former associate’s claims against him


Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic denied allegations made by his former associate Dijana Hrkalovic of his involvement in illegal surveillance over the Serbian president and links to criminal groups.

Hrkalovic said in an interview that Stefanovic ordered surveillance over President Aleksandar Vucic and blamed him for other illegal activities.
Stefanovic lashed out in his video statement at fellow Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) official Vladimir Djukanovic who is representing Hrkalovic in court, accusing him of taking part in a media and political assault on him for the sake of his personal business and political interests. He accused Djukanovic of pressuring state institutions and the judiciary, influencing the appointment of judges.

Stefanovic, formerly Hrkalovic’s boss as Internal Affairs Minister, accused her of lying to try to win sympathy in order to get a more lenient sentence or even a state post. He said that some things Hrkalovic said in the interview are true such as her trip to Israel but added that she omitted the fact that she was joined by a member of an organized crime group. Stefanovic said that trip was why Hrkalovic was fired from the Internal Affairs Ministry.

He denied having any links to criminal including communication via the SKY phone app which was used by several organized crime groups.

Stefanovic called the authorities to investigate the claims made by Hrkalovic and her lawyer.

He also mentioned Objektiv tabloid owner Aleksandar Papic, claiming that he was paying 240,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinar) a month to Djukanovic.

He alleged that Papic had links to the Belivuk organized crime group before they were arrested for several murders.

“They are not speaking out against me out of animosity but to hide their involvement with crime clans,” Stefanovic said.