Stefanovic: EU will help us implement ODIHR recommendations


Deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Borko Stefanovic, who returned Sunday from a trip to Brussels, Paris and Rome where a delegation of the Serbia Against Violence (SPN) coalition spoke with international officials about the post election crisis in Serbia and the ODIHR report on the Serbian December elections, said they received assurances that “we will have important European Union’s (EU) presence in Serbia in terms of assistance for the implementation of recommendations” contained in the ODIHR report.

“Everyone in Europe sees that (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic and the (ruling Serbian Progressive Party) SNS stole the elections. Our task is not to allow for Serbia to be isolated as its non-popular government is,” Stefanovic told N1.

He added that EU organizations are not coming at the invitation of the opposition or to help the opposition, but the people of Serbia, adding that “they don’t need an invitation from anyone, because we are a candidate country.”

“That man has lost his positions and international presence in Serbia will happen, there will be several steps over the next few months where someone will come here to help the people so the government is forced to implement the recommendations of ODIHR, European Parliament, because we are a candidate country,” said Stefanovic.

Commenting the recent Quint countries’ join statement welcoming Vucic’s pledge to implement ODIHR recommendations and saying they expect the government of Serbia to seek ODIHR’s assistance for ensuring that its recommendations are implemented fully and effectively before elections in Spring, Stefanovic said it shows that they do not believe all recommendation will be implemented.

“This situation has shown quite effectively that we can think about delaying the elections, by adopting a lex specialis,” he added.

Ending pressure on citizens, freeing the Serbian state TV (RTS) and, most importantly, cleaning up the voter roll, are the most important recommendations that need to be implemented, said Stefanovic.

“The SNS lost not only the elections, but also this post election crisis. This is a great victory of the Serbian citizens, because we showed that Belgrade and Serbia do not want this kind of government. We want to implement the ODIHR recommendations in every legal way possible,” Stefanovic said.