Stefanovic: Vucic losing international support

Borko Stefanović u emisiji Iza vesti

Serbian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee chair Borko Stefanovic said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is losing international support and that he is in “a completely inferior position” at the United Nations General Assembly session in New York.

“They view him as an estranged cousin. As a cousin in the family who has no oil, uranium or any other natural resource so he could say: ‘I’m a little different. I will take my own path. I don’t care what the whole family at the table is deciding.’ He went there representing Serbia that has been weekend by the Progressives’ rule,” said Stefanovic.

He said a consequence of Vucic’s reign is the country’s isolation due to the fact that we are the only country in Europe that has not aligned its foreign policy with that of the European Union (EU).

“Vucic cannot be in a superior position despite it now being clear to everyone in Europe that (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin) Kurti is the bad guy in the (Belgrade-Pristina) dialogue,” stressed Stefanovic.

Commenting on the international community’s role, he said it is trying to place Vucic and Kurti within the framework of what they have already committed to in all previous agreements.

He assessed that Serbia could benefit from Pristina’s current poor standing in the international community if it had decided to align its foreign policy with that of the EU. However, that did not happen, he said.

We gained nothing by refusing to stand together with all others, said Stefanovic.

“So not just Kurti but everyone on the international scene can point a finger at us and say: ‘These are little Putins in the Balkans, and this is little Russia. These are the people that no one should ally with.’ This is a big problem that we have. It means that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are at the receiving end, between Kurti on the one side, and the (Belgrade-backed) Serb List on the other. This is why they are moving out in large numbers,” said Stefanovic.

Commenting the consequences of Serbia’s poor foreign policy, he said there is all the more talk of reintroducing visas for Serbians.

“Our delegations around the world are in a very bad position. No one wants to talk to them. No one approaches them, we are increasingly isolated, the threat of visa reintroduction for Serbia and the threat of silent economic withdrawal or the preventing of further investments is increasingly felt,” said Stefanovic.