Stop to violence in schools: No classes on December 1

NEWS 29.11.2022 15:41
Source: N1/ilustracija

Classes will not be held in 46 places in Serbia on December 1 in protest against violence in schools, head of the Federation of Serbian Education Workers’ Unions (USPRS) Jasna Jankovic told the conference Stop to Violence held Tuesday outside the Serbian Government building.

“There will be no classes in USPRS schools on December 1, that is resistance against everything that is happening in Serbia – a total lack of interest for the education department,” Jankovic told the media.

She stressed that there have lately been too many cases of peer violence and violence against school employees, and that “enough is enough,” and added that USPRS members, but also members of other unions, educators, parents and students will be out in the streets in 46 places in Serbia on December 1.

She said there has to be zero tolerance for violence because, otherwise, educational institutions will cease to exist, students, teachers and parents will engage in fights and that will be the end of education.

USPRS deputy leader Zvonimir Jovic said the protesters request that education workers be awarded the status of public servants, which would provide the teachers with greater protection from attacks by children, parents or guardians.

Education Minister Branko Ruzic said that the first meeting of the Ministry’s working group for the prevention and suppression of violence in schools is planned for Tuesday and that the new team will have until December 20 to determine the shortcomings and propose changes to the current practice.