Survey: Some 17 pct of college students in Serbia targets of sexual harassment

NEWS 21.02.2022 11:43
N1/arhiva, ilustracija

About 17 percent of students suffered some form of sexual violence at the university, with 90 percent of them being women and about ten percent men. Serbia's Victimology Society said on Monday.

The survey was conducted with 1,597 third and fourth-year students of basic academic studies from 22 faculties and six universities.

According to the study published ahead of the European Day of Victims (February 22), more than a quarter of respondents know a student who has been exposed to some form of sexual violence in college, and the most common form is verbal sexual harassment.

„Non-verbal sexual harassment, physical, sexual harassment and sexual harassment using modern technologies follow, while sexual blackmail, rape and attempted rape are the rarest forms of sexual violence in colleges,“ the survey’s results showed.

In over 78 percent of cases, students mainly experienced verbal sexual harassment more than once, according to respondents.

The Victimology Society said that in all forms of violence, except sexual blackmail, most perpetrators were students. In several faculties, the number of teaching staff involved was higher or similar to the number of executors from the ranks of students.

„In one faculty, in more than two-thirds of cases, the perpetrators were the non-teaching staff. Non-teaching staff dominates among perpetrators of sexual blackmail, and their share among perpetrators of non-verbal and verbal sexual harassment is significant,“ the Association’s study showed.



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