Tanjug says Linglong workers moved, NGOs deny report


The Serbian pro-government Tanjug agency reported on Wednesday evening that the Vietnamese workers at the Linglong construction site outside the city of Zrenjanin had been moved from their quarters but N1 got confirmation from multiple sources that the report was not true.

Tanjug quoted the Ministry of Labor in the report.

NGO activists from Zrenjanin told N1 that they went to the laborers camp and saw them moving around. Security guards also confirmed that they were all still there.

Zrenjanin Social Forum activist Tara Rukeci said that she saw several Vietnamese laborers walking around. “Security guards said that they had not been moved and we saw the workers moving around,” she said.

The A11 NGO also denied the Tanjug report in a Twitter post. The post said that several workers confirmed that they had not been moved. “We are getting confirmation all the time, the workers have not been moved or at least not all of them,” it said.

N1 reported over the weekend that the Vietnamese nationals working on the Linglong factory construction site had their passports taken away and were living in inadequate conditions. The Ministry of Labor sent inspectors to the construction site following the N1 report. NGO activists managed to get the whistleblower who alerted media to the plight of the Vietnamese workers out of the camp on Wednesday.