Tax Authority says highest reported income in Serbia 11 million Euro

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Serbian Tax Authority records showed that the highest reported personal income in Serbia in 2020 was 11 million Euro, or about 914,000 Euro a month.

According to the Tax Authority, the number of people earning more than triple the minimum wage is rising, adding that 30,290 people reported an annual income of more that 2,987,424 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) which is the level at which personal income tax goes into a higher bracket. There were 27,866 people who reported that income a year earlier.

A tax authority statement said that most of the tax returns were filed by people living in the Belgrade area (20,638), Novi Sad (6,039) and Kragujevac (2,106). “Most of the returns were filed by managers, CEOs, engineers, economists and lawyers with the top 100 incomes ranging from 73 million to 1.29 billion Dinars,” it said.