Telekom Serbia CEO confirms documents on deal with Telenor leaked

NEWS 10.02.2021 20:32
Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Telekom Serbia CEO Vladimir Lucic confirmed the existence of documents stating that the goal is to destroy SBB, United Media and the N1 and Nova S TV channels.

Lucic told the K1 cable TV that Telekom’s internal document had been leaked and explained that the term destroy in them was used in the sense of destroying what he said was the SBB cable provider’s monopoly which had been created over a number of years in order to introduce new competition and liberalize the market.

According to the Telekom documents that N1 had access to, Telekom Serbia was making a deal with the Telenor mobile services operator in order to reduce SBB’s market share to less than 30 percent. “Once SBB is destroyed after Telenor enters the market, Telekom will be the sole content provider who can set up new channels and earn income from both Telenor and clients,” the documents say. Telekom wants to lease its telecommunications infrastructure to Telenor and allow it access to its media content.