Telemach Croatia, its owner United Group investing HRK 1.7bn in Croatia

NEWS 16.09.2021 16:15

Telemach Croatia and its owner United Group will invest 1.7 billion kuna in the state-of-the-art 10-gigabit, next-generation fiberoptic network in Croatia, in the mobile 5G network, its presence throughout the country, strong employment and various services, the company's executives said on Thursday.

The purpose of the investments and activities is to provide the best possible user experience in Croatia, the CEO of Telemach Croatia and Telemach Slovenia, Adrian Jezina, said.

Jezina said that the past year, since United Group acquired Telemach Croatia (former Tele2), had been very dynamic.

We have come to Croatia to become a leader in many areas, as will become evident in the months and years ahead. Investments have been accompanied by an increase in the number of employees, Jezina said, adding that Telemach now has 618 employees as against 422 in 2020.

Speaking of the 10G fiberoptic network, Jezina said that it was currently the most advanced broadband technology and that Telemach was the only company in this part of the world to start building it.

As for the mobile 5G network, Jezina said that at a frequency auction this summer Telemach Croatia had bought the desired share of the radiofrequency spectrum and that it had already launched 5G base stations in Osijek and south Zagreb.

Answering questions from reporters, he said that Telemach Croatia currently has more than one million users.

(€1 = 7.47 kuna)