Telenor: No merger with Telekom Serbia


There is no merger of Telenor and Telekom Serbia, and Telenor does not take over Telekom's infrastructure, neither Telenor's business ambitions jeopardise media freedom in any way, the company said in a statement late on Wednesday.

Telenor wanted to enter the Internet and TV contents but said that in planning the move, the company behaved as an independent and responsible market player, without merging with anyone.

„As far as broadband Internet and TV content are concerned, people in Serbia can choose between a minimal number of offers. We want to introduce a new and different offer without removing existing ones from the market. The emergence of a third competitor in this area brings market liberalisation, healthier competition, new investments and benefits for all – customers, the telecommunications market and society as a whole,“ Telenor said in the statement.


Having access to Telekom Serbia’s contract about the merger with Telenor, N1 TV never said Telenor planned to merge with Telekom Srbija, but that Telekom Srbija wanted to reduce SBB market percentage below 30 percent through the issuance of its complete infrastructure to Telenor thus affecting the survival of the media using SBB as their cable operator.

In its first statement earlier on Wednesday, Telenor did not mention its ambition to enter the Internet and TV market.