Tepic: SPN activities continue after rulings

marinika tepić n1

Serbia Against Violence (SPN) leader Marinika Tepic said on Friday that the opposition coalition would continue its activities in reaction to election fraud once the deadline for rulings on objections expires.

Tepic said the deadline for the election commissions to rule on objections expires at 8 pm on Saturday. “Once that deadline expires we will continue our activities … we will inform the public about the next steps then,” she said.

The deputy leader of the SPN member the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said that her hunger strike is one way to fight against the evident election fraud.

Tepic, who has been on hunger strike since Monday evening, added that she does not expect Vucic to have a guilty conscience or show emplaty after he masterminded the election fraud last Sunday. “I do expect international partners to realize the kind of Serbia we live in, that the elections have been stolen, not to recognize them. Demands not to accept the election results have been made from all levels of the European Union as well as the Council of Europe and ODIHR,” she told Nova daily.