Tepic: We will not attend consultations with Vucic


Marinika Tepic, who heads the Serbia Against Violence (SPN) election ticket, said this opposition coalition will not attend consultations on the new government initiated by Serbian President Aleksanda Vucic.

Tepic, who is the deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), told N1 that Vucic has missed the opportunity to do something for his country.

She added that the SPN has been invited to consultations on March 4.

“For years we tried to explain, to instruct, to say – fulfill the ODIHR recommendations, more than half of Serbia does not vote for your government, acknowledge their representatives, the opposition is also an institution, we tried in various ways, but they stubbornly stick to their decision that they are irreplaceable, so there is no point in communicating with the institutions or with them, maybe something would be different if the talks were public. He (Vucic) has rendered everything senseless, he has destroyed everything, our institutions have been shattered, and now we are going down another path, the only one that he has left for us to take,” said Tepic.

Serbian President Vucic began post-election consultations on Monday with political parties on the appointment of a candidate for prime minister.