The „biggest rally in history“ could not even surpass last night’s protest

NEWS 28.05.202315:00 0 komentara
miting sns srbija nade
REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Aleksandar Gubac, who has been assessing the number of people attending various protests for years, told N1 that a similar number of people attended the "Serbia of Hope" rally and last night's "Serbia against violence" protest.

„Last night there was a very similar number, 45-50 thousand, but without coercion and the vast majority only from Belgrade. So, Vucic now shares the fifth and sixth place in Belgrade, or sixth and seventh place in the history of Serbia, if we count Gazimestan,“ said Gubas. portal previously reported Gubas’s statement that last night some 45,000 people entered Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard from the direction of the House of the National Assembly, to which, he said, several thousand more people who approached the column from all directions should be added.

Koje je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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