The Guardian journalist: Irresponsible piece on Kosovo by The Telegraph


The British Telegraph piece titled “Could Kosovo be the next Ukraine” is irresponsible, and proof of why the British media needs to invest more in foreign reporters who understand the whole situation on the ground, said UK journalist Camilla Bell-Davies, who covers the Balkans and Europe's East.

Davies was reacting to The British Telegraph report on Pristina’s fear of a possible attack by President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbia as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ally. The media outlet even dispatched its defense editor Danielle Sheridan to the hills in the far north of Kosovo to determine the situation in the field, KoSSev reported.

“We came to Kosovo to establish whether this could be the next big conflict in Europe. I am standing here in a mountain range with the hills of Serbia behind me,” said Sheridan, wearing what appears to be a bulletproof camouflage vest and gloves, but with no helmet.

In a video posted on The British Telegraph X account Sheridan talks about the “fears” of the Kosovo prime minister due to the “anti-Albanian” sentiment of Serbian President Alesandar Vucic, and his “close relationship” with Putin.

The article posted on The Telegraph’s website reads that Kosovo ramped up security “as fears grow that Serbia’s President Aleksander Vucic is planning an invasion aided by his ally Vladimir Putin.”