Threats painted on opposition leader’s building


A threat was spray-painted on opposition MP Marinika Tepic’s apartment building in Pancevo, the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said on Friday.

Tepic was forced to re-locate from her native Pancevo to Belgrade after several verbal assaults and threats were made against her and her family.

The words Djilas on Crutches was spray-painted on the walls of the building. Dragan Djilas is leader of Tepic’s SSP. Tepic, the SSP deputy leader, is a prominent opposition figure who has revealed a number of scandals involving the authorities and ruling coalition parties.

“Threats have been made against our party leader in the town where thug, Government General Secretary Novak Nedic lives a day after the eyes were gouged out on an SSP poster in the town of Ruma,” an SSP press release said.

It said that the party has been warning that the verbal violence in public, especially in parliament and from the president and government would turn into physical violence.