Tickets for EuroLeague F-4 in Belgrade available on March 16

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Tickets for the Final Four of the basketball EuroLeague competition, held in Belgrade from May 19 to 21, will be on sale on March 16, while specific categories of tickets will be available for purchase two days in advance.

The cheapest tickets cost 15,000 dinars (some 127 euros), while the most expensive seats in Belgrade’s ‘Stark Arena’ will cost 65,000 dinars (approx. 552 euros).

There will be nine different categories on offer, including VIP seats.

Tickets can be purchased on the website and the website of the elite competition said that the sale would be made in dinars.

„As a sign of gratitude for their loyalty and to allow them to enjoy the event they planned to participate in before the pandemic, the first day of pre-sale, March 14, tickets will be available only to fans who bought tickets for the cancelled Final 2020.

The competition’s website said that the second day of pre-sale will be reserved exclusively for ELTV subscribers, former Final Four participants, and owners of season tickets for EuroLeague teams who have decided to participate in the pre-sale program.

„Customers who will not be able to attend the Final Four after buying tickets can advertise ticket sales at fan-to-fan stores. All other sales channels are unauthorised,“ it added.

The ‘Stark Arena’ will have a capacity of approximately 15,500 seats for the final tournament, 80 percent of which will be available to fans. Of that total, each of the four teams qualifying for the Final Four will be awarded approximately 600 tickets in different categories and 20 percent of seats are reserved for media, sponsors and organisers.

If the capacity is reduced due to the coronavirus restrictions, which, is beyond the EuroLeague control, the principle „last in, first out“ will be applied.

Anyone affected by such a distribution of tickets will have an advantage when buying tickets for the next Final Four.

The EuroLeague added that they would fully support and adhere to all Serbia’s epidemiological regulations, guidelines, and recommendations.

Last year, there were no spectators in Cologne, while in 2020, the final tournament was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sport Klub channels will broadcast all final tournament matches.

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