Trajkovic for N1: I cannot enter Kosovo because of a ban by Belgrade

Rada Trajković

Leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo Rada Trajkovic, held back Thursday by the Serbian police at the Merdare administrative border crossing with Kosovo, told N1 that she has been told that the reason for her not being allowed into Kosovo is that they are waiting for a decision from Belgrade and that she is “under some kid of ban.”

I gave them my documents and I was pulled over, we waited for ten or so minutes and then I went to ask what it was all about, because everyone else was being let through, said Trajkovic.

“They said they were waiting for a decision from Belgrade, that I was under some kind of ban or some special treatment, they are not coming out and they are not returning my documents,” said Trajkovic.

She stressed that she has a meeting Thursday at the Liaison Office of Greece in Pristina and with the US Ambassador to Pristina, as well as with Kosovo Minister for Communities and Returns Nenad Rasic. Trajkovic is Rasic’s advisor.