Transparency Serbia says election campaign financial reports faulty


Transparency Serbia said on Tuesday that there were a number of shortcomings in the financial reports filed by parties following the campaign for the April 3 elections.

The organization said that more than 2 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 116 Dinars) were spent on the election campaign with just 6.5 percent of that amount coming from donations by individuals and companies.

It said that more than a billion Dinars was spent by President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) for the parliamentary and presidential election campaign. SNS ally the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) spent 236 million Dinars, the opposition United For Serbia’s Victory (UPS) spent 164.5 million and the NADA coalition spent 109 million. Transparency said that the Moramo coalition, Oathkeepers, Dveri and Serbian Radical Party (SRS) spent between 72 and 93 million Dinars on their campaigns.

The organization said that six parties and coalitions have not filed financial reports for their campaigns.

“A review of the published reports shows that many are incomplete and the data in them can’t be verified,” Transparency Serbia said.
Transparency Serbia published its reviews of the published financial reports on its portal.