Truckers complain of 24-hour waits to cross Serbia-Hungary border


Lines of trucks, up to eight kilometers long, have been forming at the border crossings between Serbia and Hungary for weeks, the truckers told N1.

Last Thursday they blocked the Kelebija border crossing between Serbia and Hungary protesting over the delays caused by the Serbian and Hungarian customs services.

An N1 crew spoke with some of the truck drivers waiting at the Kelebija crossing.

One of the drivers said he has been stuck there for 24 hours, that there are no toilets and that the situation is always the same at this border crossing.

Asked who they think is responsible for this, his colleague said there is no difference between the Serbian and the Hungarian customs officers, “when the first ones are working, the others are slacking off and the other way round.”

A driver traveling to Slovakia said it used to take him four days to do a round trip, “and now I can’t do it in six.”