TS: Serbia’s lowest score in CPI in past 11 years

NEWS 31.01.2023 11:03
korupcija, borba protiv korupcije

Serbia has an index score of 36 out of 100 in the most important global ranking of countries by corruption perception, and it has dropped five places on the list, ranking 101st, said Transparency Serbia (TS).

In the past two years Serbia’s corruption perception index (CPI) was 38, and it ranked 94th and 96th on the list published by Transparency International, respectively. This year’s score is the lowest in the past 11 years, said Transparency Serbia.

TS said that, following a decade of stagnation, the decline comes as expected in a situation when many anti-corruption laws are being openly violated.

Serbia’s index score is ten points below the world average. Of the countries in the region only Bosnia and Herzegovina has scored worse, with 34 points, while Albania shares 101st place with Serbia.