Two incidents reported in Kosovo, police searching for perpetrators

N1 (arhiva)

Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sfecla, said on Saturday that still unidentified persons set fire to the Centre for Vehicle Registration in Zubin Potok the night before, and that an attack on the Centre for Civil Registration in Zvecan was reported as well.

The police said that there is a suspicion that the fire, which broke out in the building of the Municipality of Zubin Potok, then spread to the premises of the centre of the Kosovo Interior Ministry and the library of the Cultural Center ‘Stari Kolasin’.

According to the police, the door on the „Intel“ building, where the Vehicle Registration Centre is located was broken this morning.

This morning, two explosive devices were found in the building in Zvecan, which were then destroyed, the Kosovo police confirmed.

Minister Sfecla wrote on his Facebook page that what happened last night at 1 a.m. was “an act containing elements of terrorism.”

The police immediately acted and took to the site of the incident, said Sfecla, adding that more information will be available later.

He also said that the ministry and its agencies are committed to order, security and the rule of law, and that they are the guarantor of the “sovereign decisions of the Government of Kosovo.”


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