UG’s Shoppster awarded ‘Top 50 – The Best Online Things’

NEWS 05.02.2021 17:05

The largest online and TV store in the region,, a part of the United Group, received on Friday the prestigious PC Press magazine award 'Top 50 - Best Online Things' in the e-commerce industry category in 2020.

The recognition „confirms that Shoppster succeeded in its intention to provide a simple, fast and safe service on several sales channels, realised by the standards of the world’s most modern e-commerce models,“ the company’s statement said.

„We launched the online shop and TV store in Serbia four months ago, in Slovenia two months ago, but before the launch, we worked intensively on setting up a business for more than two years. We are happy that people liked it – we managed to reach customers, suppliers and, as this recognition shows, the e-commerce community of Serbia,“ Ljiljana Ahmetovic, Shopster Director, said.

In the year that completely changed consumers’ habits, „Shoppster has redefined the online shopping experience, offering customers over 75,000 products by more than 1,800 brands.“

The statement added that the new micro and small entrepreneurs were joining daily. That enables them to, without any new investments, save their business from the pandemic’s consequences and also to digitally expand it and reach many times more interested customers.

„With some of the world’s greatest e-commerce experts on its team, Shoppster works daily to enrich its offerings and user experiences. The development of micro and small entrepreneurs’ brands is being worked on carefully.

At the same time, customers have recently been allowed to join the Shoppster Smart loyalty program, with numerous benefits that have made online shopping even more affordable and diverse. In addition to the online store, the sales channel Shoppster TV, unique in our market, has become recognisable and popular with audiences of all ages in the shortest period,“ the statement said.

As a leader in the modernisation of the e-commerce market, with this recognition as a great incentive, Shoppster will continue to expand its range, services and benefits for all customers and manufacturers, it adds.

The „Top 50 Best Online Things“ selection has been organised by the PC Press editorial staff for the last 24 years.

It is the only official selection of the best sites, applications, and pages on Serbia’s social networks.

Shoppster is part of the United Group, within which N1 also operates.