Ukrainian Ambassador: I’d like to see Serbia as a greater ally to Ukraine

NEWS 31.03.202321:18
Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the liberation of the city of Bucha near Kiev, Ukrainian Ambassador to Belgrade Volodymyr Tolkach said that he would like to see Serbia as a greater ally to Ukraine.

“Ukraine enjoys strong support from the West and, with that help, it is trying to fight. Of course we would like to see Serbia among our allies because it is a friendly country and we see similarities between us. We are grateful to Serbia for the support it is providing in the form of humanitarian aid,” Tolkach told a media conference at the Ukrainian Embassy.

The Ambassador said that, as a diplomat, he understands and respects Serbia’s reasons against imposing sanctions on Russia, but that the Ukrainian people, who are under attack and have no electricity and water, find it difficult to understand.

“An event took place on this day that represents both hope and horror for the Ukrainians. Hope because the Ukrainians showed that they are ready to fight against the occupiers. Horror because that day we saw the true face of the Russian world, the face of murders, torture and plundering,” Tolkach said.