Ukrainian embassy in Belgrade responds to Serbian minister


The Ukrainian embassy in Belgrade reacted to Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin’s statements about the war in that country, recalling that official Kyiv condemned that NATO air campaign against FR Yugoslavia in 1999.

“Kyiv is counting on the fact that Serbia will condemn the large-scale aggression launched by Vladimir Putin’s regime against Ukraine and impose sanctions on the aggressor state and its leadership,” the embassy said in a statement, adding that this has to be done to “stop the Putin regime from killing Ukrainian children, bombing schools, hospitals, maternity wards and destroying cities”.

“Do you really think that Ukraine bombed Yugoslavia,” the statement said and asked if Vulin does not care about “the support of Ukraine which always supported the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia and is now counting on sanctions being imposed on the aggressor Russian Federation”.

“Minister, the Russian Federation did not attack NATO member states, Putin’s regime attacked Ukraine and Ukraine, which was always on Serbia’s side, is calling it to introduce sanctions on the aggressor state and for some reason you are not replying to Ukraine but to other countries,” it said, replying to Vulin’s statement on the pro-regime TV Pink.

The statement called the minister’s attention to the fact that “love of Russia and the criminal Putin regime are mutually exclusive just as it was impossible to truly love Germany and support Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime”.
“It’s no accident that masses of Russians are taking to the streets of European cities, including Belgrade, to protest against Putin and his war. These people really love their country unlike Putin whose policies are deeply anti-Russian. True Russians are now calling the entire world to stop the criminal regime in the Kremlin which, if not stopped now, will reach other European countries,” the embassy statement said.