Unions warn of high poverty level in Serbia

NEWS 17.10.2022 18:07
Source: N1

The Association of Free and Independent Unions (ASNS) said on Monday that some 2.5 million Serbians are living on the brink of poverty.

A press release said that the worst affected are young people under the age of 24, the elderly over age 65 and families with children. It specified that 40 percent of them live in poverty. “Add to that some 350,000 workers living on minimum wage and another 1.6 million workers earning less than 50,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 117 Dinars) and we get a realistic picture of how people in Serbia live,” it said.

It warned that most of the country’s wealth is going into the pockets of a privileged few as the result of a combination of corruption and political privilege.