United Media becomes majority owner of Slovenian company Adria Media

NEWS 25.11.2022 23:06
Source: N1

United Media, the leading media company in southeast Europe, said that it has become the majority owner of the Slovenian media company Adria Media Ljubljana.

After gaining the approval of the regulatory bodies, United Media acquired 71 percent of ownership in Adria Media, a company whose portfolio includes the most prestigious portals and print media in Slovenia, said the United Media press release.

„I am very pleased that we completed the takeover process and that the Adria Media company became part of the United Media portfolio. They own the fastest growing digital portfolio, which currently ranks third among all portals in Slovenia. We will continue to develop what is already a very successful business and, through this partnership and new investments, we will also work to reach new audiences,” said the executive director of United Media, Aleksandra Subotic.

Adria Media is a publishing house with a portfolio that includes the most important national and international print and digital brands Metropolitan, Avto Magazin, Govori se, Aktivni, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Sensa and Story. It also offers its audience special inserts that provide them with additional content and meet the audience’s growing need for reliable and interesting topics, said the press release.

According to the official measurements of the Slovenian MOSS, the digital editions of Adria Media are the fourth publisher in the country and have a 52 percent reach on the Slovenian market.

United Media is a leading media company in southeast Europe, which is present in eight countries. Its portfolio includes 58 TV channels, 28 portals, six print media and five radio stations, said the press release.

N1 television also operates within United Media.