United Media CEO: Danas daily is important part of company

NEWS 09.06.2022 14:03
Source: Zoran Lončarević

United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotic said on Thursday that Danas daily is an important part of the media company she manages even though its parent company Dan Graf is small.

“From the moment that we took over Dan Graf in March last year, Danas became an important part of the United Media family. Even though in a corporate sense it is a small company, it holds an important position in our environment,” she said in a piece written for the 25th anniversary of the daily newspaper.

She added that United Media appreciates the newspaper’s desire to survive and its refusal to sacrifice its independence, firmly defending journalistic integrity.
According to Subotic, United Media was aware that the takeover of Dan Graf would be frowned upon by many “but we learned that lesson well creating new media outlets which are guided solely by professionalism”.

“The Danas news desk is not in the same position that it was in a year ago. We recognized the importance of adapting to the demands of the market, new trends in the way content is viewed, the importance of digital transformation and responded in a very short time. They continued their growth towards a wider audience, carefully maintaining the essence of what Danas is – credibility, professional reporting,” she wrote adding that the Danas portal is among the 10 most popular in Serbia today.

“Listening to stories of past events, I am not sure that the status of independent media has changed at all or has degraded further in Serbia today. We hear with increasing frequency that we don’t know what the media scene would be like without United Media media outlets. On the one hand we are disappointed that there are few media outlets with the courage to work professionally and on the other hand we are proud to have the opportunity to provide unbiased reporting which is crucial to the development of every society through our media,” Subotic said adding that United Media is proud of Danas.